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Trip to Ooty


  • Pykara lake

Hello friends, a few days ago I went to Ooty and was mesmerized by the beauty of this hill station in South India. Original Ooty was called Udagamandalam or was often abbreviated as Odhagai. It is located at 11.41°N 76.70° E. You can check a link to the location for navigational purpose below. Original inhabitants of the place were Toda and the area came under the rule of the East India Company in the 18th century. It is primarily tourism, agriculture, manufacture of medicines and film shootings that drives the economy here. The town is connected by the Nilgiri roads and Nilgiri Mountain Railway. It lies in the lap of nature and that makes it one of the favorite tourist destination for local as well as international tourists.

It is close to 88 Km from Coimbatore Railway Station or 130 km from Mysore. You can hire a private taxi as well, that is what I did. It cost me about INR 1800 and three hours to reach there.  Traffic is nowadays is a normal thing in almost every well-known city. You may take lesser or more time depending on how lucky you are on the road. Ooty is generally 10-12°c in the month of January. Though for me that is cold enough, I believe this is the best time to visit the place.

I also visited nearby towns as names Pykara and Coonoor. If you get a chance to visit Ooty, I would recommend not to miss following attractions

  1. Pykara
    1. Lake
    2. Kamraj Dam (6th Mile)
    3. Golf Course
    4. Fine Forest
    5. Tree Park
    6. Shooting Point (9th Mile)
  2. Ooty
    1. Dodabetta
    2. Tea Factory
    3. Wax Museum
    4. Botanical Garden
    5. Ooty Lake
    6. Thread Garden
    7. Rose Garden
  3. Connor
    1. Sim’s Park
    2. Lamb’s Park
    3. Tea Garden
    4. Dolphin’s Nose

For most of the destinations, you have to pay an entry fee of INR 30-35, which is like almost half a US Dollar. That my friends, is a pure steal. You also have an option of local buses, however, I would recommend you hire a cab for flexible commuting. I stayed there for 4 nights and 3 days, came back two days ago and feels like it has been a year I have been to that place. It was wonderful and an amazing experience and I could not wait to share with you.

Hope you enjoyed the read.Take care and keep traveling.

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