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Blue water -II

  • Flight in tide

Hi friends, i wrote about Seychelles in our Last blog . But this time, it’s good own country, Kerala.
A trip To Alleypey (Alapphuzha) in a boat house.
We started trip from Ernakulam to Alleypey in self driven car.  The roads are a year  Alleypey is considered to be planned city in this state. There is one light house built on the coast of the city is the first of this kind along the Laccadive sea coast.
Alleypey is located at 9.49°N76.33°E. A Town is approx 55 KM away from Kochi. Town with canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoons. People of the region are fluent in English and Malayalam. If you are a foreign national enjoying the Nature here, you will have no terrible communicating with local folks.

Alleypey is famous tourist place in southern India. In allegory, backwaters are the most popular tourist place attraction. It is the access point for the annual boat race (Nehru Trophy ) which is organized in the month of August on 2nd Saturday.

For our ride, we hired a Shikara boat . House boats are not available for 3-4 hours. We needed only 3-4 hours of ride, so we hired Shikara boat. Boat was good and seating arrangements were very comfortable. It cost us 600INR per person per hour.

Its is amazing place to visit on your next trip to Kerala. Till then, take care.

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